The Beginners Guide To Beekeeping (What You Need To Know To Get Started)

A Guide to Choosing the Right Beekeepers Suits

Beekeeping suits are elemental to beekeepers especially when harvesting honey. The bee suits are essential in keeping the bee farmer safe when harvesting honey because the bees often sting when they feel under threat. Not every one of the full suit and only get a beekeeper’s hat and veil, but you will get better results when purchasing a good beekeepers suit.
However, it is helpful that you decide on the top-quality beekeeper suit because not all the supplies you will come across in the shops offer quality protection. However, it can be confusing identifying the ideal bee suit considering that there are a varied collection of beekeeping suit in the market, varying in price as well as material and features. We have highlighted below some vital aspects to account for to ensure you are choosing the best beekeepers suit.

The first elemental step when searching for a beekeeper suit is checking the fit of the attire. You should let the measurement chart from the suit manufacturer guide you through the selection process. That is because the size charts differ depending on the brand. Take measurements to ensure that you decide on the accurate option when picking a size. Remember when choosing a suit size, it should fit loosely to provide space for wearing clothing beneath it. Although fashion rule do not apply for beekeeping suits that much, avoid suits that too loose as they will be uncomfortable and make your trip over as well. Moreover, the arms and legs should be long enough to fit you to avoid skin exposure since they will not ride up.

In addition to that you ought to consider the beekeeper hat and veil considering that you should have a guarantee that your head and veil is protected. Most of the suits in the market have a hood and veil that can be detached making it imperative to have adequate protection to conceal the gaps around the neck. it is helpful to know that the veils differ from one suit to another.

The kind of material used for the suit is also a key factor to consider in your shopping. The type of fabric utilized to make the suit should secure your body from the bee stings. Traditionally the material used for the suit is the cotton canvas or polycotton; a combination of both cotton and polyester. Both materials are heavy, but the polycotton is easier to clean. The fabric ensures that you remain comfortable even under hot condition since they are well-ventilated. When provoked, bees have been seen be attracted to the dark colors, and to be safe, go for the brighter colors.
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